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The first cruise I ever took was aboard the USS Saratoga in 1969. We had 2 men go overboard during that cruise, Both were accidents caused by jet blast. In 6 months only 2 men lost and there isn't anywhere near the railing on an aircraft carrier that there is on a cruise ship. My bet is that any passenger who falls overboard was doing something incrediably stupid PERIOD
Crewmembers on the other hand may be subjected to more dangerous situations than passengers and could possibly fall overboard. It is nothing but sensationalism when the media lumps all cruise ship accidents into the " falling overboard" category.
Finally let me say that during my career I have seen many suicides, none pretty, but all were by individuals who were intent on doing harm to themselves and needed some type of help they never got, they would have found a way no matter where they were, may the all rest in peace.
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