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Default Unsure??? Would the Kids like Holland America ... Maasdam??

We sailed on the Veendam in 2003 when our son was 6. He had a good time but the children's program was pretty sparse, just 1 1/2 hr in the morning and the same in the afternoon. There were only 12 children on board that sailing, so I do understand HAL's limitation.

Since then we have sailed on Royal and have been blown away with the kids activities. The best part was when our then 3 year old could stay on board, while we enjoyed snorkeling - something we just wouldn't have been able to do with him along. (something HAL did not offer in 2003)

We really want to book with HAL again, but I'm worried that the kids program is just not there. We are looking at sailing just before & during spring break, I hope this will have more kids on board. I tried to ask our TA about it, but she claimed she couldn't give me any facts of whether they would have children's activities or not. I'm really concerned about the possibility of there being limited activities.

If you've sailed recently on HAL in Caribbean or the Maasdam please respond. Also how can I get better info from Holland America?


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