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Let me say first and foremost I am truly sorry that anyone loses their life in anyway.
Having said that, I said long ago and still say today--if you keep your feet on the deck , your arse wont go overboard. Pretty simple. Yes, there are cases where people no doubt were thrown overboard by someone in order to be rid of them. That's a shame and hopefully anyone responsible, both past and in the future will be caught and prosecuted. My sympathies are certainly with the victims and their families.

Again, having said all that, if one chooses to do something very stupid such as climbing about on the rails, trying to climb from one balcony to another, etc. and falls overboard, then I won't lose any sleep. They had a choice--put themselves at risk or not put themselves at risk. If they make the wrong choice, then they pay. Again, pretty simple.

If someone gets drunk, drives and hits a tree and gets killed, I won't worry.
If someone decides to flick his bick and peek into the gas tank to see if
it has gas in it and goes off in a flash, I won't worry.
They had their choice, made the wrong one.

It's the innocent people who are killed or maimed by someone elses ignorance and carelessness that concerns me--not the ones who do themselves in.
With regards to seemingly being so upset about the use of OB'd, l surely wish that there would be no more reports of OB'ers on any ship of any cruise line. Then no one would have cause to use the phrase, no one would profess to be so upset about someone using it and the media would have to find something else to sensationalize and no cruise passenger would have drowned ! Wouldn't that be wonderful !!
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