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Originally Posted by ToddDH

If someone is going to do something stupid, they'll do it with or without a net. From the latest I read (and again, this is "news" and not confirmed) the man wasn't a crew member but an entertainer who was taking photographs. Evidently he tried to get a unique vantage and his desire for a good picture overrode his common sense.

Tragic? Absolutely! Easily avoidable? Of course. That's the same thing as (on another thread) the youngster talking on his cell phone to his dad, dropping the phone and then, while looking for it, being killed when his car plowed into a tree. That too was tragic .... and just as avoidable.

Most of the time the victim is drunk and walking on the railing showing off or being idiotic. Extending a net around the perimeter of the ship parallel to the water about 8 ft. out would catch most of these fools. It would also catch the occasional spouse who is pushed.

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