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Default It's Saturday -- The Weekend Has Started!

Alllllriiiiiight! All you who live in the colder climes with windchills around or below zero and about two feet or more of snow and ice on the ground, get up, get dressed, slam down that cup of coffee and pick up that snow shovel or crank up that snow blower and GET OUT THERE AND CLEAR THOSE WALKS AND DRIVEWAYS AND GET YOUR VEHICLES STARTED (if you can)!

For those of you below the Mason Dixon line where the temperature is currently 43 (as it is here) or higher, you can get up, enjoy your leisurely cup (or in my case the equivalent of a large pot) of coffee and plan your nice comfy day. I think inasmuch as it's going to be sixty here today under partly cloudy skies, I might just put on a short sleeve shirt before I go on my errands (heh-heh-heh).

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