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Originally Posted by New Year
It's a good idea to bring on a supply of small bottles of water. They do sell these to people getting off to visit the various ports but boy, are they expensive.

Just buy a box, label it just like regular baggage and it'll be delivered to your cabin.
actually, because they can be a pain to transport if you are flying I would do it a little different. We bring, on board, about 2 bottles each (of course we always fly in a day prior to sailing) we just re-fill the bottles as the week goes by or, you can buy them in port, usually they are not that pricey....The water from the tap on ships is very good I may add.

I do agree, I would not buy them through the cruise line (any cruise line) they are way out of line. Watch out at meals as well, the wait staff may ask you if you want bottled water? they are not doing this to be nice, they are trying to add a few bucks to your charges.
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