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Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
Keep in mind he was in the band. So I am sure they were doing drugs and drinking. Probably trying to show off for some groupies. Could have been on the back of Lido deck. Says it was 82 feet above the water. Maybe that new Serenity area. Went back there during a break in their set to smoke a joint or something. The 6 other peeps were probably the other band members and roadies.

Cmon Dave, for one you are assuming all musicians drink, smoke dope and try to show off for cruise passengers. Two, dont say you know for sure anything. You werent there and the details arent all reported yet. This is why the media gets stuff all blown out of proportion. People buy into the assumptions and generalizations and eventually what they hear they think is the truth. Lets keep it real huh? As for everybody else who is joking about this topic of OB'D? Think about your wife, daughter, brother or dad who was the one that went into the water. Then I will make a joke at their expense. How do you feel about that? ***comments moderated***

Well, I don't know that I would have put it quite the same way, but briguy is right. It's no laughing matter.
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