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Please don't promote the stereotype that all band members/musicians are druggies, etc. Yes, lots of stories about the old rock bands and how bad they were, but that is just a few who got so successful that they felt they could get away with anything.
Most musicians are not like that. And, there is not a lot of need for roadies on a cruise ship....puhlease. Crew members, who have many other duties, do set up, etc. These musicians are not on the "road".
Just FYI, my DH is a musician and while some of the rock bands he used to play in did smoke, never saw anything more extreme than that. But, then are such an angel that I'm sure you would consider that very naughty!
And, Davyd, that was so harsh of you. Forget being politically correct (I think you take some pride in the opposite ), but bi-polar is a real disease. My ex had it and it is awful and totally beyond the control of the person who has it....or the people in your life.
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