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No, go to the link. Carnival has had 31, Princess 5, HAL 4, Cunard 4, Costa 3, P&O 3 and Seaborne 1 that comprises all of Carnival for 51 or almost half of all OB's. Royal Caribbean owns Celebrity and the have had 3 plus RCI's 17 makes 20.

You guys need to know I am a kidder sometimes and of course I know that not all musicians are drunks and druggies. I just like to stereotype.


There are several factors involved but the raw data is that Carnival has 23 ships that carry at double occupancy a total of 56,050 passengers and Royal Caribbean has 21 ships that carry 56,484. If you assume thay all sail at 100% and do the same mix of 3,4,5,7 and longer cruises. Royal Caribbean would carry more passengers. Now when an older ship such as the Monarch or Fantasy does alternating 3 and 4 night cruises they effectively double the number of unique passengers another ship would carry in 7 nights. Given the party nature of the shorter cruises it would seem these older ships that do the short itineraries have a greater propensity for people to OB.

The ships sometimes may cruise at less than 100% but also cruise at over 100% quite often when 3rd and 4th berths are filled.

So if we can assume 100% and the same mix of itineraries then RCI carries more passengers. I am sure there are exact numbers but Carnival is still by far the leader in people who OB.

Now it would take further research if it has not already been done but I have to wonder tow things:

1. How may people OB from outer decks

2. How many OB from balcony cabins

Then we can determine the rate at which balconies have contributed to the OB rate.
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