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Originally Posted by New Year
I gave my steward $100 at the end of a 14 day cruise (for the 4 of us, 2 adults and 2 kids).

I thought he would have been delighted with that as I understood that people don't normally tip after paying the recommended amounts; or if they did, $50 seemed to be sum usually mentioned.
We hope you can appreciate just what this steward may have been thinking when you gave him the $100. "Did this family cancel the daily service charge/tip ($10 day X 2 adults+two children) and are giving me instead $100. cash?" How would he have known at that moment?

When we offer gratuities over and above the daily service charge/tip, we know the recipient will not know whether or not it is "over and above" until all accounts are closed. We anticipate a cautious appreciation in these cases and give you this example. Our dinning room waiter was finished his contract and was flying home at the end of our cruise. While he was appreciative of the extra when it was presented, when we ran into him at the airport he was all over us with exuberant thanks, for it was only then he knew for sure it was in fact extra.
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