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Default Re: Orient Beach or Divi Little Bay Beach

We just rented a Jeep in St. Maarten the week of July 24. BestDeals or BestCar, something like that. They were wonderful. They drive on the side that we do, lots of horn blowing there..........I don't remember traffic lights because there was always some traffic, especially in the downtown shopping area. Wonderful shopping and the beach is right through the buildings and a pretty view from there. The parking isn't good there. We drove all over and the French side is just beautiful. If we had it to do over, the turn in site for BestCars is fairly near the shopping district. Rather than find a place to park and then shop, I'd turn in car, have them drop me off for shopping and see if I couldn't convince them to come back and pick me up later. If not, I'd just catch a taxi back to ship. Wonderful friendly people there. I'll go back to St. Maarten anyday!

Hint, there is a Shell Station that we found while driving around. On Dutch side because everything was priced in guilders even though they convert it to U.S. D. They had the cleanest restrooms and a little sandwich bar like Subway where the wonderful ladies there made us sub sandwiches and a fellow outside pumped our gas!!!! Can you tell I loved St. Maarten??
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