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If you have ever heard of geocaching and have any interest in it, I would do the Amazing Race. To sum up geoeaching; it is basically a high tech scavenger hunt using a hand held GPS unit. I love geocaching and try to do it when I can. Also, have you ever watch the Amazing race on TV - I think it is on CBS?

To tell the truth on my first cruise in August, if I didn't work as hard as I did over the summer to finally learn how to swim underwater, jump into water, and not be afraid - I would have done Race Fantastique.

I grew up with ear problems and never learned how to do any of that until this past summer - we even had a pool in our back yard. Now I want to learn to scuba....but first I have to have figured out why my eardrum is perforated. I knew I couldnt hear a great as I used to and have been caught saying "huh" a lot lately.
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