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Default Hallelujah....

Have many of you, any of you been listening to the various artists who have remade this song? Leonard Cohen did the song in the 1980's. I always loved it, but I was in the minority. My friends found it depressing. I never did, maybe because I have met the man, and always loved his work.

Any ways, Il Divo has also put their version on their new CD The promise.

Now all of a sudden every one loves the song. In Englad it became the number 1 holiday song! Interesting because it was never written as a holiday song.

But I love it and I have made myself self a CD of all the versions, I don't know why some songs just seem to touch the heart more than other's. For my mother, it is AVa Maria, it will make her cry EACH and EVERY time she hears it.

This version of the song, along with Il Divo's and Rufus Wainright are my favs...after Leonard Cohen of course, who sings it very differantly, but theres something about it.

What do you think of it? Do you have other favorites?
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