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Here is a copy of what I made up for our cruise to take 2 of my son's freinds with us.


I, ____________________________________ parent of __________________________ authorize my son to travel out of the Continental United Sates of America with the group of XXXXXXXXXXXXX. They will be traveling aboard the Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line to the Eastern Caribbean to the countries of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti and the US Virgin Islands from the time period of April 17th 2009 through April 26th 2009.
I authorize Dawn XXXX, Walter XXXX or anyone they approve of, that is within the group, to supervise my child and to permit any medical treatment that is needed to provide reasonable care for the safety and welfare of my child.
My child will be under their supervision for the time period prior to the embarking, while traveling from the Norristown area to New York Harbor, during the cruise, during the Ports of Call visited, debarkation and traveling back from New York Harbor to the Norristown area.
My child is allergic to the following things, __________________________________________________

and it is the responsibility of his temporary guardians to prevent him from coming in contact with these things.
My child takes the following medications, __________________________________________________ _

and it is the responsibility of his temporary guardians to make sure he takes his required dosages as prescribed.

_________________________ _______________________
Parent of Child Date Child’s Name Date

__________________________________ ______________________________
Dawn XXXX Date Walt XXXX Date


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