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Default What to believe on the Internet

There are two major travel communities on the Internet and their initials are CC and TA and they don't have a delete or edit button a week later. Cruise Mates has a cool featured forum.

TA is just strange you can talk to the same 5 people every single day and even ask the same question day after day and they will answer with the same answer over and over and over, but it's kinda cool they usually have good answers.

CC has made some very pleasant changes but must be working their asses off looking at every single post on the Meican Riviera forum. but whatever works, it needs to be a pleasant experience.

A real plus with Cruise Mates is that it is a good place to express an opinion about whatever without being deleted and when you have a change of heart or point of view you can click edit or delete it yourself.

So what do you believe? I find it easier to believe what someone has to say today because they might have had reason to change their minds. I say long live the edit and delete Buttons!!
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