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I have only been on two cruises, both of them with Crystal. I think one of the best things Crystal offers is it's "life of the mind".

The on board courses are interesting and well taught, the library is up to date and loaded with interesting books, and busy all day and all evening. Both trips had interesting lecturers who walked over to the coffee lounge with those of us who had more questions, and extended themselves to the shipboard audience.

The last cruise had a film group, the Floating Film Festival, adressing the work of Gena Rowland, who was on board and, I have to say very beautiful, and who looked like she was having a great time with the Festival attendees. I believe the organizer of this festival has just passed away so the attendees were uncertain that it would repeat on Crystal. But they were very much a working group,viewing two films a day.

Another contributer mentioned that on Crystal people remain in their dinner clothes for the rest of the evening, not many t shirts and tennis shoes at night.

The food was just delicious at every meal, the on board special restaurants were great, the service was tremendous in every way. The shore excursions were very good with one exception and that was the tour guide who thought he was a real comedian, a joke a minute, instead of enlightening us about what we were seeing. But he was the only one like that.

Also re the shore excursions the Crystal has their own tenders, so there is no waiting.

One thing I noticed about Crystal, the people who work in the shops and the staff seem quite happy, you could hear them talk amongst themselves sometimes, "I'm so excited about the show tonight", and the shows were great. A positive staff in every way. Room attendants great, spa staff great and highly responsive. One spa person told me they were so besieged with massage requests, more than usual, and they were picking up a masseuse at the next port to add to the spa staff for the rest of the cruise. I also liked the walk on water program. Weighted vests, for walking the decks.

The ships are elegant but the crowd is a little on the elegant side too, in their manners and style. Just lovely in every way.

Pure pleasure from start to finish and I hated to leave the ship.
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