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Originally Posted by Jimbo_Bost
On MOST main stream cruise lines, If any passenger gives a cash tip to a regular waiter, asst waiter, or steward asst steward etc. this cash MUST be pooled among the team in which they work...
While we agree with your excellent presentation of the "tipping" system we feel the above statement should be clarified. According to our on ship sources, the "extra" gratuity is handed in to the pool system until such time as it is ascertained that the individual who presented it did in fact maintain the daily service charge/tipping on his shipboard account. Once verified, the extra is then returned to the employee who originally received it. If however said passenger did cancel some or all of the daily charges, the "extra" is retained in the pool.

To those who question the reasoning behind the daily service charge/tipping debits to your account, we have been told many times over the years preceding this system that we would all be shocked to realize just how many EMPTY sealed envelopes were being presented by passengers as found when turned into the pool system .

In our estimation this daily debit system is but a service charge and we then handle our real and personal gratuities as we see fit.
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