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Originally Posted by New Year
I gave my steward $100 at the end of a 14 day cruise (for the 4 of us, 2 adults and 2 kids).

I thought he would have been delighted with that as I understood that people don't normally tip after paying the recommended amounts; or if they did, $50 seemed to be sum usually mentioned.

He seemed disappointed when i saw him later that day so I asked if he was happy with his tip. He was most reluctant to comment and said we should give him whatever pleases us. After some grilling on my part, he said that this was a bit on the low side and I gave him another 100 Euros (having run out of USD by then).

He mentioned that he services the cabins on his own while other cabins are allocated 2 stewards. So when new passengers come onboard, he has to pay another crew member to help him get the rooms ready in good time.
One or two dollars is normal for room service. It would be more $5-$10 if you had a full meal delivered by room service. If you are in a suite remember to tip your butler more if you have an in-suite dinner.

You were more than generous and the steward was just giving you a sob story to get more of your money. If the Head Housekeeper knew he was doing this he'd be cleaning the washrooms or stuck on the lower decks. It is completely unacceptable. You basically tipped him $744 for a two week cruise. (4X$140)+50+134)=$744. $134 is based on current exchange rates.

People need to remember: You are not "cheap" if you don't tip more than the automatic amount!

You may tip extra if you wish. I have tipped extra,on many occasions, but the myth that you must tip extra is a myth that needs to be squashed.

If someone removes themselves from the automatic tipping for any reason other than poor service (if they do then they need to make a formal complaint) then they are just cheap and they can justify it however they want but in the end they are still cheapskates.

BTW: Phone cards aren't the best gifts. Cash is the best and they can keep it as long as you remain in the automatic tipping program. If you do give phone cards, PLEASE include the access numbers and codes. Also, make sure they are international cards. I have spoke with a number of crew who have thrown many cards away because there was no way to use them.

Take care and don't feel cheap if you don't tip extra.
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