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Default Pricing vs service

I just reviewed the post, very interesting commets.

I found that most cruise lines standardize pricing to all agencies.
The actual pricing is with-in a nominal spread, the agencies will reduce there profit margin for your business and or consintrate on volumn sales to make up for reduced profit, you will find that agencies offer ship board credits or paid tips to make there pricing more appealing.

The exceptions to the rule is GROUP PRICING.
Group pricing is common among the more aggrasive agencies, some agencies will aquire blocks of rooms and resale or they may be working with a group, whom are among a orginization or special event.
These groups may be closed to public offerings or for specific events.

There are close outs on specific cruises offered by most cruise lines, usually 60 days out from cruise date, these are common on the lowest level inside cabins, this eleminates problems with earily bookings and prices paid by these guest.

Nancy Bogart does a very good job and her service is out standing.
Even when she is out of the office, she will take care of all reasonable request from her G-3 phone and the very least she will attend to your business the very next morning.
That woman does not take a break and is highly professional.

Most cruise agencies will only offer travel insurance at time of booking, you should check advance of booking, There are companies that offer insurance for cancelations for specific circumstances, read the fine print.
Remember Pre existing conditions will be forefitted on most policies if not purchased with-in 7-days of deposit of any cruise.

Please understand, many agencies will charge additional fee's, if you make any changes or cancel your cruise.
These charges are above and beyond the standard cancelation policy from the cruise lines.
Upgrades are always allowed with out any penalties.
Make sure you obtain details prior to booking.

All bookings through any agency will receive a confirmation number, you will be able to call the cruise line direct and or verify your booking online.
If you have made your deposit and no confirmation number is provided at the time the Agency obtains your credit card information, call the cruise line and speek to customer service ASAP.
Always use a credit card....................... NO EXCEPTIONS.
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