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Originally Posted by shoreguy
Originally Posted by Mike M
You were more than generous and the steward was just giving you a sob story to get more of your money. If the Head Housekeeper knew he was doing this he'd be cleaning the washrooms or stuck on the lower decks. It is completely unacceptable. You basically tipped him $744 for a two week cruise. (4X$140)+50+134)=$744. $134 is based on current exchange rates.

Mike I agree the sob story is like the days of old before the service charge to make sure they were not stiffed.

Your math however I have a concern with. The Room steward does in fact gets a percentage of the $10 pp. Best case $2-$3. Normally thee are two stewards and that is split but they have more cabins. At $2 and ten cabins he would make $280 for two weeks work. That represents almost all of his income. You want the job ?

New Year you were very generous and that is a good thing. But I also think he worked you a little bit and that is not a good thing.

You are absolutely right. He did get not all of the daily charge. I guess I was too irritated by his audacity to think clearly.

No matter what I believe the steward was a con-man.

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