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Default First Time Cruise - Norwegian Majesty from Charleston

Hello Friends!

I'm temporarily living in Charleston, SC where my husband is a resident. I would like to take my first cruise, a lifelong dream. My parents cruised many years ago before but this is the first for my husband and me. We have chosen the Norwegian Majesty cruise departing from Charleston on February 21st, because February 24th is a special anniversary for us and because according to cruisehotsheet it was one of the more affordable dates.

We picked this cruise because I thought it would be more affordable than adding the inconvenience and additional cost of transportation for four people from Charleston to a Florida port, even for a cruise with fewer days. (Am I right about that?) Our party consists of two seniors, my husband (a South Carolina resident) and me. We would like two rooms with at least one of them at least a category GG. As far as I can tell, that is the least expensive ocean view category that isn't blocked by life rafts. An ocean view would be SO wonderful… even if it’s a tiny window. I assume two rooms is the most affordable option since my husband is a night owl and my parents are morning larks. (I won’t be getting much sleep!)

In addition to any other advice or suggestions, my primary concern is how to find two rooms at the best value possible. I heard that you have to be careful about the agency you book through, because not everything is included with every agency. I understand that some agencies offer additional benefits. How much additional money should I factor in for expenses not included in the fare?

Forgive my ignorance. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for your time!


PS I am posting this on two message boards here, in hopes that it will reach someone that might be able to offer suggestions.
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