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In July 2004 we were on board the Legend and I swore one of three 5 years olds was going to OB off the stairs at the back of the ship on the lido deck. As most posters here know that area is supposed to be an adults only area except the adults (and I use that term lightly) aka the mothers of these 3 children were preoccupied with flirting with male passengers and getting free drinks at the bar. These kids were running up and down the stairs pushing each other. I swore that one wrong push was going to put one of those kids overboard. It wasn't until they starting knocking dishes off the ice cream station and people hearing the crash that one of the security guards came running. You guessed it - mothers still oblivious as to what was going on. My husband pointed to the bar for the security guard. She explained no kids back there and they had to move on. Maybe it's just my depth perception or fear of heights but it seems to me that those sets of stairs don't have high enough walls for safety. But it has to be me, no one has gone OB from that location.

Just adding my 2 cents. Made me hope that these two dingbats didn't have balcony rooms. Can you imagine these kids climbing on chairs at the railing?
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