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The only reason I am writting is because when we were looking for info on the MSC Armonia I could find very little. My husband and I took a Greek Isles cruise a few years ago and this is just my opinion. The ship was very clean and attractive, our cabin was a comparable size to all the other lines we have sailed. The room steward, store clerks, bartenders were all very nice. The only complaint we had was the dinningroom service and food and that is a matter of personal taste. I did feel our waiter was rude at times, maybe just overworked and not very helpful. The food is subjective, I wasn't really interested in eating octopus and I don't care for veal or lamb so I stuck with meals I recognized. I will admit I am a little picky so please go on MSC with an open mind and go for the ports not the entertainment (shows are a little corney). Really even if you are a picky eater you can probably find something to eat, you just won't be thinking that this is the best food you have ever had on vacation. I hope this helps.
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