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Default What NOT to bring?

I keep seeing the same old question on all the boards and thought we could have some fun and edumicate the newbies on what NOT to bring on your cruise.

* 10 ft extension cord (2 of them)
* Bunggy cord (with an inside cabin)
* 4 pair of dress shoes (ladies) I only brought 3
* 8 pair of shorts (only used 2)
* Alarm clock (your on VACATION - NO clocks)
* Compact tool set (pliers, cutters, drivers) Don't ask why...I dunno
* Compact umbrella (possibley for the rain forest?)

And on and on...some too embarasing to even mention.
We've learned our lessons and the two of us can almost travel with one suitcase. We learned the hard way.

Please help our fellow (first time) passengers to pack their bags.

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