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Default RC Cruise

I am a 53 yr-old white female. I have cruised on RC before and I find the ships very luxurious compared to the Carnival ships I have cruised on. Although I must say that I have not been on any of the newer Carnival ships. No, I have not yet purchased my ticket because I was waiting to find a roommate. I want to go on this particular trip because my sisters (also in their mid 50s....but we are ALL young for our ages!) and their husbands are going. My sisters are both a lot of fun...just like me! I am not a smoker. And I do not snore. I sleep with a white noise machine (sounds like fan) because i am a very light sleeper. When I cruise, I like to hang out mostly on the ship, but will sign up for a beach excursion if there's a good one. My sister tells me there are a couple of good beaches at the ports on this cruise. Otherwise I am a do-your-own-thing kind of travel partner. I like to sit by the pool during the day...sometimes with a book...sometimes just sipping a cocktail and chatting with my travel companions, which in this case would be you if you are interested, my sisters, and my brothers in law. I am not a super early to laze around a bit in the morning so you likely won't find me out of the cabin until at least 8:00, 9:00, or sometimes even 10:00am. I live in Tampa and was planning to book a flight out of Orlando for the day of the cruise since it does not leave port until 8:00pm. The return flights aren't until evening though so I'd have practically the entire day sunday the 22nd to check out San Juan....something I really would like to do.
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