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Originally Posted by CA Cruiser
We are going on the Westerdam this Sunday and have a Meet and Greet group of 50 ppl from another message board. They range in ages but most are younger than DH and I and we are only mid-50's!! I will let you know when I return.
It's the standard rule for cruise ships ... the shorter the cruise, the younger the age demographic.

Even on my 35-day cruise on the Statendam last year ... we had quite a few people younger than me on that sailing (I'm 53). Yes, there were some very old ones as well ... old in age, but young at heart.

As long as the passengers are friendly, I personally could care less about their chronological age. In fact, I've found many of the older passengers to be among the most interesting. They are generally very well traveled, and if you sit and talk with them, you'd find that they do have some absolutely amazing stories to tell!

Blue skies ...

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