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Originally Posted by zdgp
That 3 day 2-night trip is something we will relive many times in our memories and snapshots.
The only word of caution that I would add is that this tour may not be suitable for people with pulmony or breathing problems. Isn't the altitude quite high there? Someone with those sorts of problems may very well have a very miserable time. Someone who is prone to hypoxia may also not enjoy it.

The only reason I say this is that I took a tour to the top of the crater in Maui ... Hiyaleeekaa whatever ... and was shocked to have developed altitude sickness while at the top. I was with friends who were gonna bike down the crater ... though my plan was to just ride in the van (I have a problem with my leg and wouldn't chance bicycling down. We were up there for several hours watching the sunrise, and the tour leader had to make me sit in the van for a while because I was getting so winded and so sick. He said that if I didn't start feeling better shortly he was gonna drive me down to a rest area at around 7,000 feet where I could wait for the group to catch up.

Fortunately I did begin to feel better and found that if I just sat in the van, I would be okay. But it is worth it to mention this in case the OP has any of these sorts of problems. Also, if the OP is a smoker, they may be extra susceptible to hypoxia, such as I was. I only spent about $60 (back in 2001) for my tour, but would be an absolute bear to spend that kind of money for a side trip and then not enjoy it.

Blue skies ...

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