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Originally Posted by jim130
They are NOT eliminating the dry cleaning perc for elite members. What they are doing is switching from "dry cleaning" to steam cleaning. They have been doing this for a few months now and I think your clothes come back just as clean when they have been steamed as they were when they were dry cleaned.
Thanks Jim for stopping a false rumor from spreading. It is very true that the perks for past passengers on Princess are far and above what is offered by some cruise lines.
The free dry cleaning service, or now to be PC, called "steam cleaning" is a great perk on Princess for elite cruisers. Unlike some other cruise lines who show little or no appreciation for passenger loyalty, it very much appreciated by me.

As for the self service laundry, it too is just another great perk for those who want to use it. I know that on several back to back Alaskan cruises on turn around day I spent about ten minutes actually in the laundry room and the rest of the less than an hour and a half that it took was spent relaxing and reading in the empty lounge. Princess does offer this as a service to all guests who wish to use it and that again compared to cruise lines who do not offer this is another credit to Princess. Saved a ton of money not to mention the other option of being charged for extra baggage by the airlines if I took enough clothes to last for more than two weeks. It is great to be on a cruise line that does offer passengers a choice about whether or not they want to use the laundromat facilities offered on the Princess ships.

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