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Originally Posted by Kuki
The tipping is $10 per day per person travelling. 8 of you would be $80 per day..... and that includes tipping everyone on the ship who serves you, aside from bar service.

This may sound like alot because there are 8 of you, but especially with 4 in a cabin, and lots of teens, the staff you are tipping will likely earn every penny of it.
Thankfully, I never travel with so many people ... but, honestly, isn't $80 per day a bit much for the average family group?

I honestly think the cruise lines are being a bit unreasonable with this. I feel that the amount should be capped after the first two people in the cabin. But, also to be fair, I have to say that when you have a solo in the cabin, the amount should be maybe 50% higher than the normal per person charge.

True, the waiters will have more work to do when serving four people as opposed to two ... but unless the occupants of that cabin are total slobs, it shouldn't require much more effort for the cabin steward to tidy up a cabin for four than it does a cabin for two.

I know several people who cruise with their children, and they always cap their auto tips. One has two kids sharing the cabin and she always sends her husband down to the front desk the first evening to cut off the kids' auto-tips, while another friend caps the auto-tips at the rate for three, not four, in the cabin.

Now, that said, if you have the kids in a separate cabin, that's a different issue altogether and you should keep their auto-tips in place. But when they share your cabin, it just seems like $40+ a day in tips can be a bit too much on the family budget.

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