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Good Morning Irish, Mike and all our Cruisemates who follow.

Winter has again returned to East Tennessee although not nearly to the degree it has up in Mike's neck of the woods or even where I used to prowl. The current temp of 29F may well be today's high. The low tonight is to fall into the single digits with a windchill of below zero. That is definitely cold for this part of the country.

I am extremely glad we are now living back down South. I remember those days as a Range Officer standing outside on firing lines dug out from hip deep snow. The temps hovered around 10 below (before figuring in any wind chill) with a strong breeze blowing. I would yell out, " Is the line ready? the line is ready! Ready on the right! Ready on the left! Ready on the firing left!" and then jerk out my whistle (which while worn around the neck, was kept under your clothes atop your undershirt 'cause if you didn't, you face the distinct possibility of the old "tongue on the iron pole" effect). And out there we stayed for the entire day, going inside only for lunch (well we instructors stayed out...the recruits could go in after their line was completed......always found something unfair there ).

I also urge everyone to please insure any outdoor pets that you may own have proper shelter (preferrably a heated garage, or failing that an insulated dog house containing straw bedding or blankets or a barn with lots of hay for bedding). Also please remember to frequently replenish their fresh water as of course water bowls quickly freeze. This is one area where even responsible pet owners sometimes slide. Of course the best thing is to bring them inside your home when undergoing a severe cold snap. The way Mike keeps Kramer is an absolutely perfect example. As a matter of fact I'm surprised Mike that you haven't gone to the trouble to construct an enclosed heated dog walk connected to your house ......................................for your benefit, that is!

Blessings on each of you, prayers for those needing them and of course, special prayers continue for Luanne, Jim and their family.

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