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Can I sleep until next week? No I guess not but that is what I would like to do. It is quite cold and I have a hard time with that, as it is painful to breathe nd my hands and feet get cold, and when they start to thaw out, it becomes so painful. Neuropathy will do that. Yesterday was a long and hard day and to top it off, an old lady helping her equally old and terminally ill husband back up into my bumper and punched a hole into it with her hitch. I dont know if it can be repaired in spring, as it is a good chunk, or if I need a new bumper. The actual Bumper bar is fne. ( it was so cold, the plastic bumpers just snap with preasure especally a point like a hitch). The poor women, she just broke down and cried and cried. I thought to myself, this is my act of random kindness. I told her to put away her papers, it was no big deal, I could get it fixed for near nothing, to go on, get a cup of tea and have a good day. I know them as they always have appointments when my mother goes, they dont have much money, I knew that, and some times you just let it go. If I need it replaced, it will be a few hundred dollars, I will see about it today. Not worth claiming as the rates will go up and the deductable is 500$. If any one knows me and my car.........I don't like when it is damaged. Oh well, first the garage takes off the door when they change my breaks, and now a new bumper, gee, if I keep on like this, I will have a new car in parts soon. My mother is doing so so. She is clearly not doing as well. It's very hard to watch, but we are doing the best that we can. Have a great day every one.
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