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Delft, you are my hero. I am so impressed with the way you handle all of these things that come flying at you, one after the other. Most folks would be having their 3rd or 4th breakdown by now. Not only do you handle it, you handle it graciously.

Oh today I really wish I was in Dixie. I am not a cold weather creature at all. I guess with obstacles, comes opportunity though. I forced the fam to brave the elements late yesterday and go shopping for a new washer with me. I enticed them all with bribes. D/D got to pick out a new babydoll, d/s got to pick out a new game for the Nintendo DS. D/H and I got sushi for dinner and to top it all off I got a new washer, of which I have been lusting, since shortly after we bought the one we have now, because I really hate it. Well I had in my mind I either wanted a Bosch, an LG or a Samsung. One of those Eurostyle front loaders. My MIL has a Miele which is the type that you found on the new NCL ships (that is until they recently removed all their laundries :evil: ) and it is deluxe. But I refuse to spend $2000 on a machine, no matter how great it is. So I went to Lowes. They had a nice Bosch, but I would have to order it. The kid told me all of it's features and stuff, sounded good but they didn't have it in stock and it had to be ordered. So then we went to Sears to see if they had the Bosch. They had it but it wasn't in stock and found out the kid at Lowes had given us the description for the wrong washer, it really didn't have a lot of the features he said it did. So I looked around and the young man at Sears who was very knowledgeable about his products told me why I was making a mistake by considering LG and Samsung. They have a lot of returns on them I guess and many problems with them walking during spin cycle. Finally I spied a very nice looking machine tucked in the corner. It was a Kenmore He5t. It had everything I wanted. The biggest capacity at 4.4 cubic feet, spins up to 1300 rpm, steam cycle to steam clean difficult stains, a delayed cycle to add Oxy type cleaner etc... Anyhow we nearly froze to death trying to load it into the truck it was so cold, I couldn't feel my fingers. But I got such a deal it was originally $1600, I got it for $600. So today I will be evicting the old washer and installing the new one. While I have everything pulled out, I will replace the dryer vent hose and vacuum the hole out to prevent a fire from lint build up. Then maybe I will be able to get caught up on laundry now. A girl can hope! The plan is, express wash take 30 minutes, and I am hoping the clothes should come out nearly dry and will hopefully dry much quicker. So if I can do it right, I am hoping to turn out 2 loads an hour... I'll let you know how it goes. I really don't think anyone cares too much about my laundry adventures but I have to admit... getting to the bottom of the clothes pile seems very exciting to me .
My thoughts continue to be with Luanne and her family as they bravely face a new day.
I hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

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