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Originally Posted by LeeAnn9999
Thank you for the quick reply.

We are booking through AAA. I am surprised by how many questions I have!

One of our party is Military, so the AB suite was the only room where we could stay together with there being a separate room so we could take full atvantage of the discount.

It is all so confusing!

I have really enjoyed reading the message board, it has answered so much.

I did just call NCL and they said that there will be no coupon books for 2009
too bad about the coupon books, we were pretty much told the same thing, but they really aren't all that great. The best thing is or was the 2 for 1 dining at the sur charge restaurant. It was kinda like the books we used to get when we went to Vegas (by the way they aren't as easy to get as in years past) they offer a couple of good deals, but not anything to lose sleep over.

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