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beenie weenie,
Originally Posted by You
Rev I actually agree that swimming suits are not suitable attire in commercial areas or actually anywhere that people are not sunbathing or swimming etc...

What I found interesting was the severity of the penalty, up to 6 months in jail.
Well, the manner of enforcement of the penalty is clearly a factor. It sounds like the local authorities in the pier area are simply directing passengers who come off the ship in swimsuits to return to the ship and put on acceptable attire -- and they probably won't have to do this as frequently once word gets out. Also, I presume that the law gives discression to the courts and that a judge would not give the maximum sentence for a first offense unless it was exceedingly flagrant.

But the other reality is that there are many people who routinely ignore laws that don't have the "teeth" of a fairly severe punishment. It's clear, from the permitted sentence, that the island's authorities are serious about this.

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