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Dear Cruisemates,

Good evening....from cool Colorado. It is almost Friday then a three day weekend! Luanne, Our thoughts continue to be with you during these difficult days. I hope justice will be served quickly so this doesn't linger.

Todd, thanks for your warning about the cold and our little critters. Ours all reside inside with a doggie door for the needed fresh air. A few days ago an oilfield worker stopped when he saw a cardboard box on the side of the highway. Someone had abandoned a litter of little black and white puppies. Their pads on their feet were frost bitten. Luckily this guy took them to our shelter. After appearances on tv they were going to raffle the dogs off today, because of all the interest shown in them.

Donna, I so understand what it is like to have the kidos inside all day. It is so hard on we adults. This week we have been lucky. They have gotten out at least at noon every day! Without fresh air they are like little jumping beans trying to burst out.

Beanie, Congratulations on your new washer. Keep us posted on the results. Mine is just the regular size. It works fine if I would just stay on top of it.

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