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Default Re: Preogresso, Cozumel & Costa Maya w/ small child

Originally Posted by Kymmyk13
We are thinking about taking a cruise to nov. to Mexico. My dd will be 4 and she has ADHD and can have a meltdown very easily. Excursions would not be the best way to see mexico with her. (My DH and other DD will be doing other things), so I just to be able to take her to things that will interest her and I can go and leave as I need to(and I would like to do a little shopping). I perfer things close to the port. Does anyone have any suggestions? This may make or break whether we go... please help!!!!!
You did not mention which cruise lines you are taking...but most of the mass market lines have excellent child care.

We have been cruising Carnival with our special needs son for 10+ years. He is now 17 and has been on 29 cruises. Carnival has always been wonderful with him.

We also have an older hubby and older son usually do the adventurous stuff and our youngest son and myself hang out together.

He has a form of he can't do most excursions either.

If you take a Carnival or RCCL cruise....they usually port at their piers in Cozumel. Both have a couple of bars and several stores right there at the pier, if you wanted to have the Children's Camp keep her for a couple of hours while you shop right at the ship and relax.

I have only sailed I am most familiar with their Children's Program. I know that when you are in could take your daughter to Camp Carnival around 9AM and have a few hours to shop and relax.

You could pick her up for lunch and even take her back around 2pm that afternoon, if you and your husband wanted to have a drink at the port bars when he gets back from his morning with the oldest daughter.

Cozumel is very safe and perfectly ok for a lady by herself.

There is also a small shopping area with a couple of open air bars at the port in Progresso...where (again) you could have her playing at Camp Carnival...while you enjoy a few hours of shopping and a cool one and still be close to the ship.

Progresso itself is a bus ride you would not want to go that far off....but there is some stuff at the end of the pier to help you have a relaxing time alone. Again, very safe.

Costa Maya....we have not been back to since it was destroyed by Hurricane Dean. But it used to also have several shops right at the end of the pier.

And is very safe.

As I said....our sons have been through every age group of Camp Carnival and they have always received excellent care. They can not provide one on one care....and of course they can't have a child that would harm another child (not saying that your daughter would)...but just about anything else...they can handle.

I would try a 4 day and see how your daughter does. If it is a could branch out to longer cruises!!!

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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