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Originally Posted by ready2board
Originally Posted by Aidan
Originally Posted by katlady
The cruise line would get in big trouble if they served an underage kid.
Not so, Katlady. The reason "underage" drinking is such a hot topic is because the cruise line can't get in big trouble for it. On the high seas, it is perfectly legal.

(On a side note, a parent serving his child alcohol is also legal in many states in the USA),.

Cheers, Aidan[/i]
Can you give an example of the states where that is the case? I'm not saying it's not true, I've just never heard of any.
Try this url:

This is a search that I set up. Just in case it does not come through, states where underaged drinking is allowed with guardian consent and/or presence (or both) are:

IL (in private residence)
LA (in private residence)
ME (in private residence)
MN (in parent/guardian's home)
NE (in parent/guardian's home)
NJ (I can't figure out the rules for NJ)
OR (in private residence)
VA (in private residence)

Here is the url for the site where info came from so you can research and create your own query:

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