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Originally Posted by KTS1193
Originally Posted by Djcarolina
The fact that its January has little to do with it and i doubt that many ppl are headed from FL to a packed Obama inaguration. Theres a large number of teens in the normal bracket and idk what the deal is. Thanks for the info about cozumel, didn't know that!
He's just a big Obama fan, and thinks most people who are of would go.

I would choose a cruise over that ANYDAY.
Obama is too hyped up, just because he's our first BI-RACIAL president.
See thing is that when you've got your entire school watching the inauguration on Tuesday instead of classes, and a good number of people you know who are your age and going to the inauguration it makes you start to wonder. I'm not that huge of an Obama fan; if I was, I would be writing this from Washington. I supported Obama not just because he is bi-racial, but because he had the clearly better policies and ideas on how to run this country. And because Sarah Palin is a joke of a politician.

As for the cruising aspect, lets make this point: There are a lot more teenagers in Washington right now than on boats. Enough said?

Edit: Thought I would also mention that our township is usually colored a very deep shade of red. 99% of all politicians in Radnor are Republican, including the School Board who approved Tuesday's inauguration events, so its not that the school is Democratic.
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