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People have brought their own pop, beer and wine on board. They dont want you to bring hard liquor but some do. You must put all beverages in your carry on bags. If you bring a cooler it must be a soft sided one.

They do have free pop at all the restaurants on on deck 9 there is a drink station that is open 24/7 with coke products, coffee, many kinds of tes, cocoa, milk too. so unless you dont like Coke I wouldnt bring pop.

we just grab a cup and take it with us to the show or clubs. If you order pop from a bar or a waiter you will be charged.

They have a clock but its not an alarm clock. They do have a free wake up service. Mickey will call and wake you when ever you want.

On the desk there is a place where you can plug in something and in the bathroom I think there is also one plug in. Thats all. Many bring an extension cord with a mulitple plug in on it if they need more plug ins.


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