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Default Day 4- At Sea

Well here it is, 5:42 ships time also EST and we're about 90 nautical miles off the coast of florida. A bit of a recap from last night:

I decided that I might as well have some fun as I will in the big kid leagues so i figured i'd go watch The Quest in the South Pacific Lounge....Well I got there and a team of women (mid-40s) pulled me into a booth and explained that I was on their team. And I was like what the hell....So I competed and our team actually came in 2nd place. Normally, I would have NEVER done something like that but i was like screw it, im gonna have a good time and indeed it was awesome. From getting I Love Dan drawn on my forehead (dan= cruise director), to being stripped of my pants and shirt and being sent out into the open it was fun! Afterwards, i headed up to the deck party which was just as fun, as I took stage with about 6 other people + the CD's staff and ended up on the mic pulling half the ship onto the floor as well. It was a great time and i seriously had no inhibitions at that point. Best night of the cruise and while somewhat mediocre it was still a good laugh, though not as good as what i saw playing in the centrum this morning on the big screen (Cruise in Review trailer).

This morning, i headed out to the pool deck early to catch some rays and smelled an unfamiliar scent onboard a ship- charcoal. They had an open pit barbeque going on the pool deck roasting all kinds of tasty animals for lunch. Very cool +1 Grandeur. Several of the women from the team saw me and waved but the big smile came when a lady i didn't even know came up and was like "Weren't u the guy on the pool deck last night?" and I'm thinking....weird but "yes I was" and she's like our group had a TON of fun thanks to you, by the way these are my nieces, Katelyn and Ashley......i won't go into detail but she was gung ho that we get acquainted and we'll just say their family genes must be golden cuz.....*wipes sweat from forehead* and so i spent the better part of the afternoon chilling on deck in the midst of their group getting to know their more recent generation and Its my expectation that this evening will be fun to say the least given that the Crown & Anchor is open to all and both girls A. think i'm "hottt (according to the older one) and B. are both dancers back home...It should be a good night to cap the cruise off. On top of that the casino wants to send us next weekend on the Monarch in the Royal Suite in celebration of my actual 18th which is Sunday Jan. 25!

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