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Default A little disappointed with Dining Room Service on Carnival

I am a not a new cruiser. I have taken over 75 since 1977, I just completed number 25 with Carnival. I travel alone they give me the best deal since the older mom and pop companies have since went under. I was somewhat disappointed that many of the lines, yes thou have many food choices have had the mid night buffets or Ice galas have all dissappear. I assume due to maintaining food waste and cruise costs. Also I was glad the dinning room manger made table visits, so he did earn his tip, which I give regardless. The food was great, the assistant waiter was the worst, almost none functional. I gave the postitive approach that he was either new, under trained or had to many guests to serve. In either case I saw 17 quests be serviced by one waiter, a wonderful task. From the bread, beverage, order taking, bussing to the desser and coffee served. I felt as if he was breaking his neck and a record to serve me. I had to ask daily for more bread and my ice tea my beverage of choice, he tried his best. On the last evening I politely told the dining room matirde, I felt not completly satifisfied. His coment was that is there service, some waiters have almost 20 or 22 people to wait on. I did not feel that was a proper excuse. He could have lied and made me feel better. In either case the waiter was great and so was the food. The teamwork sucked from the managers point of view and dont expect better. I dont think this is the Carnivals approach. I still have two cruises due in April, Destiny, and Sept on Imagination. Hope things are better.
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