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Default Prepaid and Automatic, and the days of the envelops tipping

They are simular in concept just done differently. All are the tipping methods. One method is paying the tips before your sailing either via the booking origination or during the payment of such before the sailing date. The second is the most common way is to pay as you open your sail and sign card, either with cash or via a credit card. The third old fashion way, which dont ask me why I still prefer, even thoug difficult, is paying as desired the correct amount and many times above in cash with envelopes the last night if the cruise and handing the money to each person and shaking there hand. Well so much for cruise grace being passed doen from the generation. I assume, it is to assume everyone gets tipped properly. Not all Europians, some dont tip. Some guests feel service is better when tip is not automaticlly figured and charged to account, matter of opinion. There are some guests that are just cheap and will not tip in any case, I have seen in either methods, people remove the automatic tipping and not tip at all, or remove there children from tips system to save money. In either case my opinion that is cheap and rude. If you cant afford the tips as cheap as they are recomended, you shouldnt be cruising, stay home and BBQ or visit you Super6 Hotel. It is like going to a ellegant resturant and not tipping. These people jobs are funded by our tips, they work damm hard for them, even with rude and pushy guests sometimes. I have seen OK staff and staff that need a noble piece award, PLEASE TIP THESE PEOPLE.
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