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Default I feel Change will happen under the new President

I would love to visit Cuba, even though the comunist rule is there. I sont think this the best time. I live in Miami and the trip would be a jump and skip to get there. I think most cruises lines in the back of there minds are hoping one day to open such visiting ports. The US never thought we would see our day to get alected a black president, we got one. I really dont think the trade imbargo will change soon, neither will the countries problems if either President Castro or brother dies. I also think there way of governing wil adapt not just dissappear in our life times either. I think if both sides relize the beneifits of trade, travel, interest desired of both countries and the finicial beneifits things might gradually open for change. Perfert example, we are at war with Iraq, they have a new govenment, many people still support the old way of thinking or have been around only to witness the old way only. Change is good, it just takes time and acceptance. We are creatures of habit some times. For the people of Cuba, Cuban descent, and all the possible future tourists, I pray change is fast for the Island Country. Alan in Miami
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