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Originally Posted by REDWITCH 13
Originally Posted by Delft
Originally Posted by richstacy
Why do you care? It's pure unmitigated looky-loo. It's none of our business!! It's not a reality show. It's not a soap opera , and it's not a bloody accident you are driving by. Sheesh.
My goodness, you have made this opinion already, must you be so jaded sounding? This is a chit chat group, people talk, people wonder, people are entitled to do so without being scolded by the"judge and prosocuter". JMHO, but you do come off sounding quite harh and maybe its not intended that way, but I see nothing wrong with anything Kat or Redwitch has written.

THANK YOU, Delft!!! That is exactly what I was trying to explain to Richstacy.
It's just what I see. I am a nurse and have dealt with suicide a great deal, and accidents, when I used to work emergency, we saw it all the time. It is only normal to sit and wonder, just like we did when a couple recently in Montreal who were high profile, very educated, seemingly no real mental health issues, not in bad health both took their life. It was a shock to the community, and alot of time was spent discussing "what could we have done? was there something we missed that was clear in order to not miss it in future". It is only normal when you see a headline like this that one would say "gee what happened"? This forum is a forum of people who stop by and talk like they are out having a tea with some one. Therefor I do not classify talk of these kinds of things as a looky loo. No one was offensive, no one ripped any one apart, no one made fun of the couple, their life, or any thing like that. It actually makes me smile because I thought to myself, is it only the people who coment having the looky loo? What about the people reading?
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