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I came across the following information in Peter Greenberg's book, Travel Detective Bible.
"Most Americans assume that Cuba is off-limit- and technically, with the America embargo still in place, it almost is..... The "trading with the enemies act," passsed in 1963, specifically prohibits American from visiting, however thousands go through third countries - including Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and Europe. They buy all-inclusive travel and tour packages from companies in these third countires - which include airfare, hotels, ground tranportation, tips, and meals. Therefore they are not technically spending any US dollars there, since they are going through third-party, third-country tour operators. The Cubans do not stamp US passports.

If you choose to visit Cuba and omit the fact when you fill out your blue-and-white US customs form to re-enter the United States, you are in fact commiting perjury.
A number of bills have been introduced in Congress calling for an end to the ban on travel to Cuba and it's only a matter of time. Every single US cruise line has quietly charted eight viable harbors in Cuba, preparing to divert their ships to the island the minute the ban is lifted.
If you want to go legally, know that permission for travel from the US to Cuba is rarely granted and generally restricted to journalists, researchers, and specialty groups. US citizens wanting to travel to Cuba need a specific license to enter the country (Visit for more information)
For offical sanctions policy go to

The Cuban Tourism web site is

Other websites are RJ's Tours, Ltd - and"

Hope this helps.

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