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Believe me the staff earns every penny they receive. The tips are the main part of there wage. I am a waitress at a nice supper club in our small town central Wisconsin. I have seen so many people come in and order nice meals and I give them good service. I am not bragging I am just stating a fact. i have done this job for many years and I think I am a good waitress. I have many patrons who come inot the restaurant and ask for me to wait on them. But then the ones who Dont understand the concept of tipping........ Well they need to get with the program. So I do understand the work they do on a cruise ship or a restaurant. I am what my husband calls a over tipper. But I want the wait staff to know I appreciated the nice experience I have been givin by them. You would be surprised by how many people actually dont leave a tip at all. They need to stay home or go to McDonalds for there meals. With the economy I understand that the tips will go down some. but to not tip at all is not acceptable. Tip the staff on the cruises. They are making our vacations the experience of a life time for us. Carnival is our cruise line of choice. #8 coming up soon. We have had the most wonderful servers and we have had very nice servers. They dont all have the best personalities but I have never gone hungry or waited too long for my meals. Have patience and keep the tips coming.... Happy cruising......
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