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Default I love all the replies pro and con for tipping

But lets be fare, If you cant afford the tips chose another choice of vacation plan., maybe camping on the state park? The ticket contract and brochures all mention tipping guide lines. These men and women, except the officers and entertainers average around $50, $ 60 $ 75 a month. Yes they have room and board, they do not have a paid vacation, sick leave, maternity, workmans comp, or a retirement or stock options, or time and a half for overtime. They mostly work six to nine months a year, including all the major holidays. Plus alot of hours and hard work. Many ungreatful bossy quests, alot of tip stiffers who walk out, thinkinf that these people are dumb and will never meet again. They all have families at home, bills, the need to have a life of either betterment in there country or chance to save and relocate to America. When you think of how many Americans either panhandle on streets, get welfare checks, section 8, because of lack of education and motivation, I take my hats off to these crew staff for there efforts. Alan
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