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I am Canadian, so I can go to Cuba any time I want, but I have yet to go. My aunt/Uncle have gone almost every year for 20 years (they skipped one year in the late 90's when there was problems in Cuba and it was not a good time to go). Each time they go they have heavier suitcases than when they come back because they met so many locals that they let them know a few months before they come down and ask them what they want and how many. They bring down minimal clothes and stuff the suticases full of health/beauty/hygiene items. The family in turn treats them as family and lays on a spread to welcome them. They never lack for things to do in Cuba as they have met so many people.

I am sure that as soon as the embargo is lifted the cruise lines will be there and substituting Cozumel (highly overrated and overvisited) for one of Cubas beautiful resort areas!!!!!

As for Americans travelling to Cuba, there is no law that states that they can't come to Canada and book a Cuban vacation in Canada and pay in Canadian dollars. If they pay in Canadian money and depart/return via Canada then the government never knows they went anywhere else. I doubt Westjet, Air Canada, or the other charter airlines that go to Cuba from Canada would willingly turn over the passenger manifests to Homeland Security as it is none of their damn nosy business!!!!!

I look forward to Cuba being added, I would dearly love to see Havana and the other areas of Cuba. I can imagine when the embargo is lifted and everything catches up (after a few years) Cubas will be flocking BACK to Cuba to be with the rest of their family and Miami will suddenly get smaller and English will be the first language again!!!!

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