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LHP-that is wrong, wrong, wrong! My niece, who was 11 at the time, was practically insperable from my mom when we went last February. The only times she was not with us in the evening (or daytime) was when she was at Camp Carnival! She had a gaggle of girls her age to hang with during the day and they did the circut to each cabin to leave notes on what they were doing and when they'd be back to meet mom/dad for lunch or dinner!!!! More than a few times we had a gaggle of five giggly girls in the cabin giggling for no reason...They were safe in a group, but she didn't like to wander alone by herself unless she was with Camp Carnival. My mom isn't a big casino person, so she would get a chance to drop a few bucks when Jamie and I would go wandering wherever we felt like wandering (if she didn't go to Camp Carnival).

I feel for that little girl being up at 1am and no mother in sight. Those are the children that get preyed on by crewmembers who have no morals or are predators. You'd like to think the crew wouldn't do anything wrong, but sadly this world isn't perfect...

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