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Originally Posted by Manuel
The way I see it Cuba seems to be the only communist country that is being penalized.
You're right, and it seems a personal thing with Castro. Most remaining communist nations don't get the same treatment.

Of course China is the most obvious example, which in many respects doesn't seem like a communist country to Americans, as judged by Soviet standards. But never forget that civil right are non-existant there, no matter how much glitter and wealth.

A much more bizzare case I think is Vietnam, which of course is open to American tourists. The mixed French-Viet influcence has produced a fascinating culture (not to mention architecture and food). I find it crazy that the Vietnamese, who suffered far more than Amercans during the war, are, generally, eager to move past the "American War" and are open, while many Americans remain indignant about having soldiers killed and missing whilst invading a foreign nation. Of course, civil rights are also none-existant there.

And then there is Cuba.

The key aspect in all communist nations is that they can send people to camps like Guantanimo and hold them *without a trial*. The communists' rational is that these people are terrorists or a danger to the state.

Crazy world, eh?

Cheers, Aidan
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